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Dec. 18, 2022

A Christmas Interview with Marvel and Chapman - "That's What Love Is."

A Christmas Interview with Marvel and Chapman -

Two, I mean three Christmas treats for you:

Treat number 1. You will hear a fantastic song written and sung by the duo Marvin and Chapman!

Christmas treat number two, you are not subjected to my voice alone!

Treat C. After the interview, we will be treated to Marvin and Chapman and their rendition of "Up on the Housetop." It will set your toes to tappin'.

Marvin and Chapman once again pay us a visit. Chad and Joanna, my friends, talk about their song, "That's What Love Is." As well as their feature song, "That's What Love Is." I was blessed, and I believe you will be too as we hear their purpose in writing the music and the inclusion on their Christmas EP, "Up on the Housetop," "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," "Mary Did You Know?".

Despite some minor glitches (my fault), the tender, profound import of Marvin and Chapman's "That's What Love Is" is not missed to the Glory of God.

"What a man is on his knees before God, that he is and nothing more."

Robert Murray M'Cheyne

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