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Dec. 10, 2020

A Conversation about Learning Prayer with My Babies pt. 1

A Conversation about Learning Prayer with My Babies pt. 1

Part one of my conversation with my children concerning prayer.

Over the last two years of attempting to teach, encourage, and exhort God’s people to a growing, Biblical, dynamic prayer life, it occurred to me that I did not formally teach prayer to my two children.

Today, I have the opportunity to introduce my children to you all:

Casaundra J, my Daughter of Strength.

Fred M, my Son of Promise.

And to ask them how they learned to pray.

We began our discussion by asking how did they learn to pray?

It was a most enjoyable evening, discovering as their dad, not only how they learned prayer, but how each of them conducts themselves in prayer.

What a joy to my soul it is to hear their testimonies.

We end this section of the interview by asking if they remember any aspects of their childhood in which they saw prayer work. (That is the cliff hanger for part 2)

The recording quality is uneven, there were a couple of issues with recording the three of us, but mostly to the issue happen when I am talking, so you will be able to hear the best part of the interview, my children.

Glory to God in the highest. Amen and Amen

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