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Aug. 10, 2020

In Other’s Words - Isaac Watts on the Elements of Prayer

In Other’s Words - Isaac Watts on the Elements of Prayer

Just when you thought the four elements of prayer (Worship, Confession, Intercession, and Thanksgiving) were enough, along comes Isaac Watts, yes, that Isaac Watts, and gives us his view on "The Nature of Prayer" from His book, "A Guide to Prayer."

"In speaking of prayer as a duty of worship required of us, we may, in order to understand the whole nature of prayer better, divide it into several parts. I think these may all be included in the following: invocation, adoration, confession, petition, pleading, profession (or self-dedication), thanksgiving, and Blessing. I shall speak of each particularly."

Enjoy meditating on the great hymn-writer's thoughts and get an insight into the profundity of the Puritan mind.

(I know I do.)

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