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March 26, 2020

Jesus teaches prayer 2

Jesus teaches prayer 2

Twenty years ago, I chose to stop praying at all for one man.

Today, being instructed by the very first words Jesus taught on prayer, I repented. I am praying again for mercy for him

Octavius Winslow says it in a way I never could.

“If one perfection of God shines out in redemption with greater effulgence than any other, it is this. Love is the focus of all the rest, the golden thread that draws and binds them all together in holy and beautiful cohesion. Love was the moving, controlling attribute in God’s great expedient of saving sinners. Justice may have demanded it, holiness may have required it, wisdom may have planned it, and power may have executed it; but love originated the whole. [It] was the moving cause in the heart of God, so that the salvation of the sinner is not so much a manifestation of the justice, holiness, wisdom, or power of God, as it is a display of His love.”

“Had not God’s love resolved to save man, all His other perfections must have been ” “employed and displayed in destroying man. Love set its heart upon man, yearned to save man, and resolved to embark in the expedient of his salvation. It did this by conceiving a plan that would harmonize all the other attributes of His nature and engage them in the divine and wondrous work of redeeming mercy.” “ It is not, therefore, without reason and design that we make the love of God the concentric truth from which we start.”

Excerpt From: Octavius Winslow, Arthur W. Pink, Thomas Manton, Thomas Reade, David Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Samuel Eyles Pierce & Charles H. Spurgeon. “God's Love.” iBooks.

All our Scripture quotes are drawn from the NASB 1977 edition.


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