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Aug. 18, 2020

Mid-Week Review 3: Just Talk to God

Mid-Week Review 3: Just Talk to God

We have been created, by our blessed God, as a unique creation fit for eternal communion with Him, being moved by His divine power and attributes; we were meant to understand the glory of God and enjoy who He is for all eternity.

We have inherited one other trait from Adam, the enmity between our Creator and ourselves.

However, by the mercies of God and our Savior's blood, we have been born again into a new creature.

Our new creation longs for intimate conversation with God, as naturally as babies long to:

Express their needs through speech.

Reveal their true selves with communication.

And, declare their deep love for others.

We are driven to pray, talk to our God, and Redeemer.

Knowing this truth can motivate us to work through our limitations and frustrations to establish and sustain a growing, Biblical, dynamic soul-satisfying prayer life, introducing us to a glimpse of eternal life with our God which awaits us.

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