Coming October 2022, Our October Surprise: A Call to Prayer
Oct. 1, 2022

October Surprise 2022: A Call to Prayer

October Surprise 2022: A Call to Prayer

October 1 2022 - Inspired by J.C. Ryle’s treatise on prayer.

More than forty years ago, after a year of salvation and being enamored with God’s word, I could still not pray.

My patient exacerbated mentor said, (basically), “Get over yourself, prayer is a command, and you need to start obeying that command.

In the last four years of the podcast, I have resisted mentioning that truth. By 2018 prayer was no longer a command but the sweetest and most necessary time of my day.

In the last few weeks, reading “A Call to Prayer” by a nineteenth-century pastor mentioned above) I realized my disservice to those children of God who needed to be reminded, “Prayer is a command!”

Our October surprise is my endeavor to rectify that mistake. We review “A Call to Prayer” to see the command which results in the sweetest reward, a growing, Biblical, dynamic, sincere, soul-satisfying relationship with the Holy God of the universe.

If you need a spiritual kick in the pants, October is the month for you to ignite your prayer life.

Glory to God in the highest.

“What a man is on his knees before God, that he is and nothing more.”

Robert Murray M’Cheyne

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