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May 24, 2021

Prayer 101 An Enhanced Review: Prayer Changes… What?

Prayer 101 An Enhanced Review: Prayer Changes… What?

R.C. Sproul was right. What Do Ya Know about that?

In today’s episode, we will look at the question, does prayer change things?

Whether does or not, our call is to pray, and our new inner man longs for communion with our Savior. However, as it turns out, from Scripture, God does use our prayers to chance circumstances.

New time, we will look at a pitfall or two of knowing our prayers are effective, but for today:

We will see in the life of Abraham prayer is effective. (Genesis 20)

We also get another glimpse into the secret counsel of God through Job (One of my favorite chapters. Job 42)

Lastly, to illustrate how God ordains our prayers in concert with His sovereign will, you will get a glimpse of the depth of my understanding of the internal combustion engine. (won’t that be a treat?)

Glory to God!

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