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June 1, 2020

Prayer and Providence - A Personal Testimony pt 2

Prayer and Providence - A Personal Testimony pt 2


In this podcast, I addressed two things in the beginning.

  1. We are getting conflicting information during this ronna season.
  2. We must then, take in information, pray for discernment, and act in faith.
  3. The desire for justice is a godly desire.
    1. As Christians, we can know without a doubt, and rest in the knowledge: No one ever truly escapes justice. We are called to wait on God, and let Him in His perfect wrath meat out punishment.

You can avoid all that if you like by fast-forwarding through the first six minutes or so.

You will see how God used:

A job, an impromptu ministry, a friend named Richard, pneumonia, a bad heart valve, congestive heart failure, dehydration, a heart attack, a stroke, something called a-fibrillation, the installation of four stints, electrocuting my heart back into rhythm, an ablation, and perhaps a sonic screwdriver to teach this simple slave His unchanging providence in all things.

These and more not mentioned today are the “all things” He used to bring me into the best season of my life.

(after my kids and grandkids, I had to throw that in.)

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